Herzlich Willkommen bei uns!


Hallo dear friends of Salzkotten at Gesamschule,

we thank God to hear that you you continue well with life though you wear masks. We understand how hard it is to breathe under it but we pray for you that covid19 may be perished to make you continue your earlier life before Corona. Here in Tanzania the condition it's different.We are not affected more with covid19. Firstly when it raised all over the world the month of March to June,we took care by washing hands every time, not ceremoning clothing schools etc. But then after it was asured that in Tz there isn't covid19. So life continues as normal. We don't have to wear masks apart from the doctors. About Christmas, we will gather together in Sunday mass as you do,eat, drink and dance to celebrate at our homes or centers after the mass.To wellcome the new year also gather and sing the national song, then traditional songs.As we expect to happen to us,we wish you all the best in your holidays.We have closed the school today and we expect to open on 11.1.2021.

Best wishes Jonas Kakakiko, head of Rulanda Primary School